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WINGAS UK activities transferred to Gazprom Energy

Within the integration of WINGAS into the Gazprom Group the decision has been taken to transfer the commercial activities of WINGAS in the United Kingdom (consolidated at WINGAS UK) to the affiliate company Gazprom Energy in order to serve the market in a more efficient way.

Both WINGAS and Gazprom Energy will together take care that existing business contracts are honored and further customer requirements will be met. All your enquiries in the UK will from now on be handled by Gazprom Energy. Please contact corporate@gazprom-energy.co.uk

Gazprom Energy is an award-winning supplier of gas and electricity to businesses across the UK, with a passion for customer service and the backing of one of the world’s largest energy companies. For further information on Gazprom Energy, please go to www.gazprom-energy.co.uk

WINGAS supplies municipal utility companies, regional gas suppliers, industrial facilities and power plants in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Germany, where it is one of the biggest natural gas suppliers. For further news and information about the WINGAS Group, please go to www.wingas.com.